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In Facebook some people were re-remembering JS (Journalspace)… and how it would be great to start up a new JS site once again (an often repeated wish). One member said he’s in the business and would gladly try to get something started and asked for any help about the former software and/or how it looked.

I looked through my archives and YES! I found my old tutorials! I am now, slowly, adding them to this site. Enjoy the „JS 4 Dummies“ or „Peanut Gallery“… insiders know what that means...

Those of you on facebook may already have read about the changes I’ve made with the blog. I now set one up just for JS nostalgia. It’s located at blogger since that’s an easy to use site which many of you already are members of. You can find it at JS-Revival Blogger Blog….sorry, no longer available. You can of course comment on it, you can follow it for updates, etc. I’m hoping to get a few of you to be co-authors so that entries won’t only be by me. And I hope that we can put up a lot of great JS nostalgia entries. So, if you are interested in being a co-author, please send me a message, preferably via facebook, and we’ll see how that works.

Dorrie aka Westy

Dorrie Van Cleef

Marie-Curie-Ring 7

64832 Babenhausen / Hessen, Germany

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visiting Mr.Scribbler again January 14, 2009, San Pedro, Calif. USA

Text is from my blog entry

Today, my last day, I took another trip. If the mountain can’t come to you, go to the mountain! Or, in this case, where the Ghetto meets the sea.

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Fitzgerald / Kelvin

Kelvin aka Fitzgerald discovers Mt. Helix
September 13, 2005

As was planed, my online acquaintance joined me to finally
„discover“ Mt. Helix, one of my „must visit“ places when I’m in San Diego.
Now, who is „Fitzgerald“? Well he’s a guy with a blog… one of the
many blogs at the now defunct site „journalspace.com“. I found out he was from my hometown, and when he wrote an entry in his
journal about Mt. Solidad, I mentioned Mt. Helix, and he mentioned he’d never been up there. So, together with his wife, we had a date!!
But first, they met my folks and my home. I knew that he and my dad
would hit it off right away because they are both „Navy“ and Fitz
was thrilled at all the Navy memories and books, etc., that my dad
has collected, and Fitz deals in collecting Navy stuff!
After tearing them away from memories lane, Fitz, his wife, and I drove up to Mt. Helix. the higher we got, the more difficulty Fitz
had keeping his eyes on the road! The view is just soooo marvelous!

my dad and Fitzgerald inspecting one of my dad’s treasures

Fitzegerald on THE rock!

and me, too

and this is the whole view from THE rock!

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MrScribbler/was San Diego, then Long Beach, Calif. then he moved somewhere on the East coast of the USA

MrScribbler/Ray Thursday  
Septmber 2005   2008   2009    

Ray lived in Long Beach, Calif., making a meeting possible. I first met him in September 2005. We almost missed each other since he was in Germany at the time I flew to San Diego! But we managed to meet soon after his return and before I had to leave.

Meeting MrScribbler
September 22, 2005  
For some time now I’ve been writing a journal in journalspace.com, one of the many online journal services available. It was first introduced to me by „fin“ back on my trip to Edinburgh last February.
There are many great, and some not so great, writers at
journalspace. One of the real better ones that I really enjoy reading
was „MrScribbler“. We often exchanged comments in our respective journals, or „blogs“ as they are also called, derived from the word „weblogs“. Since he lives in California it was only natural that we
tried to arrange a meeting. As fate would have it, when I flew over
to California, he was flying over to Frankfurt on a business trip!
Then, when he returned, he came down with a bad cold! Well,
today we actually managed to meet! He drove all the way down from the LA area just to meet little ole me!! how sweet! And it was a very
nice, and much too short visit. I took him up to my favorite spot on Mt. Helix where a nice gal there took a picture of us together, as
proof that we actually DID meet!  
and here he is, sitting on that now famous rock with the view of
El Cajon in the background.
Thanks „Scribby“ for taking the time to meet me!!      
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My first JS member I met, in fact he’s the one who introduced JS to me. We met in England together with members of a pilots forum. Being that both of us were pilots we had something in common.

He told me which other members I should follow and his advice was excellent! Thanks Fin.

Edinburgh 2005

Once upon a time there was a young widowed mother living in Scotland who began learning to fly. She joined an internet forum for pilots, PpruNe, and named herself „Pink Aviator“ (she just loved the color pink). In this forum she would write about her training advances and all the trials and tribulations of attaining her pilots license.

Her writings soon became very popular. Her own forum was put online and her adventures continued. Like me, many other pilots and non-pilots became members of her forum…. and then came opportunities to meet some of them.

My first trip to Scotland was in September 2004. On this particular trip I was able to meet „The Pinkster“, as we lovingly called her, in person.My report of that trip has nothing to do with JS so I’ll leave it out.

As it so happened, one of her most loyal fans, „fin“ from New York, was planning to visit Great Britain, originally to fly with „Pegasus“ (or „Winged_Horse“ as she is sometimes called) for a day-trip to Egypt. Since I had vacation already approved for that time, I thought about meeting the two of them before or after that. The trip to Egypt got canceled but fin decide NOT to change his plans completely, instead just go ahead with the flight to Edinburgh.

By the time the date came around more and more members decided to try to meet up with us … in the end it was a marvelous meeting of new friends, brought together via the internet…. and a young woman who had had a dream of learning to fly……

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Me at the half-way point

From the middle of the monument looking down at one of the turrets
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Members I Have Met Personally

Over the years I managed to meet a number of fellow JS Bloggers personally. Let me share those visits with you……

Fin/ Mitchel F. Rappaport, from Long Island, USA.

MrScribbler / Ray Thursday; used to live in Calif., now somewhere on the East coast, USA

Mr. Scribbler 2009

Fitzgerald/Kelvin Cook

Wizardress / Lori Sepp; near Amsterdam, Holland

Texas friends:

Scott (lowandslow) and Kelly( dcmb01) Park / Dallas, Texas; Betty Hammontree (Likeisaid) and husband Paul ( Hamborn ); Brent Melton (DrStrangelove) and his now wife (Gillardia)

HarpO / Juanderlust; Alpine, California
Janet Stein (Kashew)/San Diego, Calif.

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The JS Peanut Gallery

March 17, 2019: I wrote this long ago on a different site and I’m just adding it here:

As if I don`t have enough to do, and enough JS journals to mess around and keep track with! 

Many of you JS`ers know me already. I`ve been hanging around JS for almost 3 years now under the journal Westy! Yep, ole Westy just can`t get enough of blogging!! 

Anyway, the introducing of the new interface nick-named „Peanuts“ caused a lot of controversy…. some liked it, some hated it, some could care less. What bothers me the most is that too many „old timers“ were jumping ship, and I think that`s a pity! 

We don`t blog because of an interface!! We blog for ourselves, to just write stuff down, or to communicate with other people! And JS has some of the best people of any journals sites I`ve visited so far. 

As with anything new, it needs getting used to. So, I thought I`d try something. In this journal I want to demonstrate some of the ways to NAVIGATE around the new features… so that`s why the name The Naviagtor! 

I don`t use all the features, I don`t know all the features, so this is hopefully a place where EVERYONE can share their JS knowledge! 

So, help me along and get this thing on the road. Since I live in Europe, my timezone is different then most of yours, which means I won`t always reply right away, besides real life getting in the way! 

Feel free to ask questions and also to answer questions other people ask in the comment section. 

The next entry will be about configuring the homepage…. perhaps tomorrow. 

The Navigator

From burstmode at Sat, 20 Oct 2007 16:43:53 -0700

OK—I am from the google school of simplicity. I liked the old interface because of that. But, I believe JS is a unique blog-site and I don’t mind changing when necessary.

From itiswell at Sat, 20 Oct 2007 17:34:17 -0700

Great Idea. Im with burstmode, the reason I liked the old interface becuase it was easy.

From likeisaid at Sat, 20 Oct 2007 12:25:43 -0700

Wow, what a great idea..I love the background, hehe. 🙂 
Me and peanut will get along just fine as long as they keep the old editor. I have yet to learn how to post a picture in the new one! Maybe this is the place to find out. 🙂 
Thanks, Westy!

From TheNavigator at Sat, 20 Oct 2007 12:31:07 -0700

I hope they keep the old editor, too…. I just can’t get used to the new one and I also have problems posting pictures with it. Yes, I did try! But I guess there are some tricks old „dogs“ CAN’T learn! heehee

From Melody at Sat, 20 Oct 2007 12:37:46 -0700

A good idea. I will stop by and learn something new 🙂

From MaFanLaile at Sat, 20 Oct 2007 15:33:57 -0700

hey….thank you!!! 

maybe this old dog can learn a few new tricks! am bookmarking it!

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The Big Journalspace Crash

corrected/re-written on March 17, 2019
When JS crashed and died in December 2008 there was a lot of hype about it all over the press. MANY members of JS were upset about losing all their entries and mad because there was no warning about it. Well, the admin couldn’t give a warning…. a former employee set up a trojan or other type of bug into the software and suddenly the site kicked the bucket.
 I had already set up a, no longer existing, forum as a refugee camp for when the site was down for maintenance and needless to say, I was soon busier then I ever thought I would be, especially since it was the holiday season as well.
 Soon everyone drifted off to other blogging sites, especially as we became to realise that JS was NOT coming back. Many still kept contact with each other, others were lost to the whelms of the cyber world.
 During the crises I was approached by a reported of some computer magazine, asking about my refugee camp and wanting a statement. Here’s her request and my answer…..I don’t remember it….sorry.
 Then there was this very „entertaining“ video put up in YouTube…. I was able to grab it before it disappeared forever.

as of today, March 17, 2019, it’s still on YouTube available 

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Watching the slow decay…..

first written in January  2009

Mom and I sit, as usual, in the living room. The television is on in the background. She’s sitting in “her” chair, located in front of her now seldom used computer. It’s an older model, one of dad’s “hand-me-downs”.

I’m sitting next to her in dad’s big, comfy chair while he’s in the back room playing on his computer.

I arrived on New Years Day. Upon my arrival, mom knew who I was. Yet I have already noticed a few of her “slips” that my brother, Carl, and his wife, Alice, had warned me about.

Then she asks where I live. “Germany”, I answer.

“Where are you going from here?” she asks.

I reply as neutral yet as truthful as possible, “Back home to Germany.”

“oh, Dorrie lived in Germany, but she moved. I have no idea where she is now.” There is no point in trying to correct her.

An empty tissue box lies on the table in front of her. In it are a few papers, a framed picture of my niece, Cassie, and her boyfriend, Anthony, plus some pencils, pens, and small scissors. Mom points to the picture.

“I don’t know the names. They left here and forgot to take the picture with them.”

“I think that’s Cassie and her boyfriend (who I haven’t met yet so I’m assuming).”

“They forgot to take it with them.” Mom insists.

“Mom, it was a present for you to keep.”

“Write the names down, I have to return it, they forgot it.” She hands me an empty envelope, I write down “Cassandra” and give it to her. She takes the picture together with the envelope and marches to the back room where dad is sitting.

“I have to tell “that guy” (meaning dad).” Dad repeats what I had told her, but she won’t listen and gets mad because no one listens to her.

“They gave it to you as a present, to hang up somewhere,” I repeat. “Let’s find a place where we can hang it.”

“No! It’s not going here!” she then insists, since she doesn’t accept this place as her home. She then places it face down on her dresser, so it won’t get forgotten when she “goes home”.

She returns to her chair and her tissue box. She begins to sort the papers in the box. I also notice her placing the pencils and scissors into envelopes. I suggest she put them in the cup that sits next to the computer, together with other pens.

“But then they’ll be forgotten when I go home,” she whines. I humor her by telling her that the cup can be taken home with her as well. She thinks about that for a moment and accepts, then continues sorting the stuff in the box.

Later I’m sitting, writing in a notepad. The lighting isn’t great and she asks, “How can you see there, Dorrie?”

She once again recognized me.



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Cruising back into life…..

It was with great excitement that I departed the airplane and headed toward the waiting buses that would take me to the ship for a Canary Island cruise. It was my first cruise and for the next week, the ship would be my home.

There were 5 buses being loaded with our suitcases and baggage. The first ones were already bursting so I went on to the next, loaded my suitcase and carry-on, and then boarded the bus to find a seat.

The first rows were already occupied, but about the fifth row down, a young man sat all alone. I was also alone so I asked him if the seat was free, which he confirmed, so I sat down.

“Hm”, I thought, “much too young for me; more in my daughter’s age range”. He was slim and had reddish hair. I had never cared for red heads.

Soon the buses got on their way for the 40 minute ride to the harbor where the ship was anchored. Soon the travel agent stood up with her microphone to announce the procedures. “The cabins won’t be ready upon our arrival,” she announced, “because the guests from the previous crew are still on board. Your baggage will be collected from the buses and kept in the sign-in area and then they will be brought to your cabins as soon as the cabins are cleaned. For the sign-in, please have your vouchers and passports ready.”

“Oooops!” I said out loud to no one in particular, yet turning toward my neighbor. “My passport is in my carry-on and I put it in the baggage compartment of the bus!” I began to worry whether I would be able to retrieve it at the end of the ride.

The ice was broken and the two of us introduced ourselves. His name was Wolfgang and, I could hardly believe it, he was only 2 years younger than me!

“Maybe the bus driver will let me get my bag since it’s right at the front of the compartment”.

We continued to chat, then upon our arrival I went to the bus driver and yes, he’d let me get my bag. That was a relief!

We departed the buses and went to our respective sign-in counters. Since we were both traveling alone, we decided it would be more fun to explore the ship together then on our own, so that’s exactly what we did.

For the next week we enjoyed each other’s company. We went on bus tours together at the various islands we stopped at. We took our meals together, enjoying the conversation and getting to know each other. And in the evenings we would sit at one of the bars, enjoying the live music and occasionally taking a turn on the dance floor. Life was good! Life was once again fun again!

Other passengers took us for a married couple and didn’t believe we had only just met.

We had both embarked on the cruise alone. I was single, but had a boyfriend, John, back home who was unable, and unwilling, to join me on the cruise. Wolfgang was married, yet separated.

We marveled at the fact of our meeting…. how fate had brought two lonely souls, far from home, together. If either one of us had taken a different bus that day we may never have met each other. Yet we had met and too many factors like age and interests just seemed to fit into place.

I refused to let our relationship become deeper. Never again did I want to get involved with a married man, no matter how much he tried to convince me that he was as good as divorced. I was hurt and burned once with my long-term involvement with a married man and never again did I want to subject myself to that pain and hurt again.

On the fifth day of the cruise I needed time to myself. Too many thoughts went through my head that needed sorting. The emotional hurt that my relationship with John caused me, mixed with the elation of being able to enjoy life once again, to laugh and smile. It had nothing to do with any feelings I might have been developing for Wolfgang, but just the freedom of being myself again…. being able to let my personality shine once again. I couldn’t concentrate on the book I had brought to read or on anything else. In the process I broke down, drowning my thoughts in tears.

Later I was once again composed enough to meet Wolfgang for dinner. I had already confided in him about my situation and problems, and he was a good, understanding listener. He tried hard not to let the fact that he was falling in love with me make things more complicated…. but he wasn’t succeeding very well.

On our last day my flight left before his and he accompanied me to the ship’s check out, while he had to remain behind. We waved to each other, not knowing if or when we would ever meet again.

first written: January 2010



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