2008 Lake Havasu, Arizona

Visiting Lake Havasu

August 27-29, 2008

It took over five hours to drive through semi-small desert towns, through rocky ranges spotted with cacti, past the wandering sand dunes without getting blown away….. and I arrived safe and sound in Lake Havasu and the new abode of Greeneyes67 (Lenn) and Greeneyes6/Tee (Trina)!

It was beautiful there!! In spite of the 107° F temps I like it.

Once upon a time, Havasu brought over a former London Bridge, and here it stands.

As you can see, we enjoyed each other’s company

Great weather and great things to see in Lake Havasu

A real roadrunner walked through her garden, I made a video of it but it’s not up on YouTube yet, but here you may find it:

nice view

Lenn with her then partner, Trina and her cat Prada

by Parker Dam on the way home

and entering San Diego County


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