Justfly / Gwen

In spite of the JS crash, Justfly and I still kept in contact. When she mentioned she’d be flying to Germany for the Christmas markets, I knew she’d be flying through Frankfurt, with plans to visit the Frankfurt market, and so we were able to arrange a meeting.

I met her and her friend, Jeanette, at their hotel and together we walked to downtown Frankfurt. Our first stop was the top of the Main Tower…….

It was cold and windy, and the visibility wasn’t too great, but it was still a marvelous view.

enjoying the Frankfurt Christmas market

The next day I joined them for breakfast at their hotel. We then packed into my car and drove off to Babenhausen. First we stopped at the airport to pick up Justfly’s delayed suitcase.

At Babenhausen we first stopped off at Regina’s office, she works in a travel agency, so they had a chance to meet her, too. Unfortunately the grandkids were at school …….

After that I took them on a tour of my quaint medieval village, showed them my apartment, then dropped them off at the train station for the ride to their next stop, Nürnberg.

Thank You Justfly and Jeanette for a fun two days! I had a great time and it was so fun with you both. I do hope you come back again some day with more time so I can show you many more sites!

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