MrScribbler/was San Diego, then Long Beach, Calif. then he moved somewhere on the East coast of the USA

MrScribbler/Ray Thursday  
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For some time now I’ve been writing a journal in, one of the many online journal services available. It was first introduced to me by „fin“ back on my trip to Edinburgh last February.
There are many great, and some not so great, writers at
journalspace. One of the real better ones that I really enjoy reading
was „MrScribbler“. We often exchanged comments in our respective journals, or „blogs“ as they are also called, derived from the word „weblogs“. Since he lives in California it was only natural that we
tried to arrange a meeting. As fate would have it, when I flew over
to California, he was flying over to Frankfurt on a business trip!
Then, when he returned, he came down with a bad cold! Well,
today we actually managed to meet! He drove all the way down from the LA area just to meet little ole me!! how sweet! And it was a very
nice, and much too short visit. I took him up to my favorite spot on Mt. Helix where a nice gal there took a picture of us together, as
proof that we actually DID meet!  
And here he is, sitting on that now famous rock with the view of
El Cajon in the background:
Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist 220905Scribby1.jpg

Thanks „Scribby“ for taking the time to meet me!!

2009, San Pedro, California, his „Ghetto by the Sea“

For those of you familiar with his entries from Journalspace I went to visit our own : MrScribbler!

On the drive home from Scribby’s…..

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