My first JS member I met, in fact he’s the one who introduced JS to me. We met in England together with members of a pilots forum. Being that both of us were pilots we had something in common.

He told me which other members I should follow and his advice was excellent! Thanks Fin.

Edinburgh 2005

Once upon a time there was a young widowed mother living in Scotland who began learning to fly. She joined an internet forum for pilots, PpruNe, and named herself „Pink Aviator“ (she just loved the color pink). In this forum she would write about her training advances and all the trials and tribulations of attaining her pilots license.

Her writings soon became very popular. Her own forum was put online and her adventures continued. Like me, many other pilots and non-pilots became members of her forum…. and then came opportunities to meet some of them.

My first trip to Scotland was in September 2004. On this particular trip I was able to meet „The Pinkster“, as we lovingly called her, in person.My report of that trip has nothing to do with JS so I’ll leave it out.

As it so happened, one of her most loyal fans, „fin“ from New York, was planning to visit Great Britain, originally to fly with „Pegasus“ (or „Winged_Horse“ as she is sometimes called) for a day-trip to Egypt. Since I had vacation already approved for that time, I thought about meeting the two of them before or after that. The trip to Egypt got canceled but fin decide NOT to change his plans completely, instead just go ahead with the flight to Edinburgh.

By the time the date came around more and more members decided to try to meet up with us … in the end it was a marvelous meeting of new friends, brought together via the internet…. and a young woman who had had a dream of learning to fly……

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Me at the half-way point

From the middle of the monument looking down at one of the turrets
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