Members I Have Met Personally

Over the years I managed to meet a number of fellow JS Bloggers personally. Let me share those visits with you……

Fin/ Mitchel F. Rappaport, from Long Island, USA.

MrScribbler / Ray Thursday; used to live in Calif., now somewhere on the East coast, USA

Fitzgerald/Kelvin Cook

Wizardress / Lori Sepp; near Amsterdam, Holland

Justfly / Gwen

Texas friends:

Scott (lowandslow) and Kelly( dcmb01) Park / Dallas, Texas; Betty Hammontree (Likeisaid) and husband Paul ( Hamborn ); Brent Melton (DrStrangelove) and his now wife (Gillardia)

HarpO / Juanderlust; Alpine, California
Janet Stein (Kashew)/San Diego, Calif.

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